Update - Village Green Car Park Proposal

Village Green – Car Park Proposal

Further to the parish meeting that was held on Monday, 9 May 2022 when Item 12 of the agenda was discussed: VILLAGE GREEN: Car Park: Review Consultation & Decide the Way Forward.

It was agreed to explore other options and see what else might be available. A decision will then be made on the car park proposal in 6 months’ time, at the November Full Council Meeting. Councillors are mindful that the decision must be whatever is best for the village, whilst also thinking about the future.

As requested by members of the public, the Clerk has contacted the Parks and Open Spaces Manager at Maidstone Borough Council who has agreed to his informal comments being shared:

  • From a practical point I always consider safety and equality of access to services and facilities. Is there reasonable and safe access to site and for that matter the Village Hall?
  • Whilst we do not wish to encourage car use a pragmatic consideration of how does someone with mobility difficulties use the facilities that are provide for all of the Otham Parish residents.
  • The construction methods used are relatively ‘light-touch’ and could be removed and ground re-instated in 2-3 years time if so minded ?
  • Have you reached out to discuss this with any other local parish councils that have experience similar problems and concerns to see what lessons learnt and so on?
  • With improved access to the green the area may remain the focal point of village life for another generation or two to come, without it the Green is only relevant to those who live close by and can reach it on foot, cycle or horse