'Remembered' Otham and Willington in two world wars


·Have you ever noticed that there are two war memorials at the base of St Nicholas church tower?

·Did you know that the Green at Otham is also part of the war memorial?

A new book, just published, 'Remembered' Otham and Willington in two world wars provides some answers to these questions and gives further fascinating information relating to the two communities of Otham and Willington.

August 2014 marked the centenary of the entry of Britain into the conflict that became known as the First World War. Twenty one years after the Armistice, in 1939, another world war began. Otham and Willington were just two communities in Kent that became directly involved as their young men, some of the 'brightest and best', heard a summons and went to serve their King and Country. Some of those young men, of course, did not return.

'Remembered' Otham and Willington in two world wars gives details of the lives which lie behind over 250 names recorded as serving from Otham and Willington. The contents of over 150 pages, and 120 illustrations include original research, personal memories and treasured photographs, and reveals how the residents of Otham and Willington met some of the challenges, sacrifices and strain of wartime twice in three decades. The publication is also supported by Otham parish council.

Copies are £18 per book including postage and packing, (all cheques payable to Mrs Kersey) and can be obtained from Malcolm & Kate Kersey. All enquiries please contact on 01622 730 444 or email editor.twospires@gmail.com