The Glebe PROW - A Reminder

A reminder that your help is needed to try and get the path through The Glebe designated as a Public Right of Way. 

Rachel Gray is hoping to submit the evidence in January '24 and would like as much evidence as possible to support the application. Please see below how you can help.

The landowner has recently applied to move the TPO trees in the Glebe field, possibly to make space for future road access and housing, as they have previously proposed developing the land. It is vital that we retain its designation as Local Green Space when the Neighbourhood Plan is revised in 2035 to prevent development and the only way to ensure this is to get walkers back in the field so we can prove it is still a highly valued place. Their new barbed wire fence is preventing all access to walkers and horse riders and this needs to be changed.

To this end, with the support of Otham Parish Council, Rachel Gray is preparing the application pack of evidence to submit to KCC to hopefully get the path through the Glebe designated as a Public Right of Way. It requires evidence of 20 years of public use. Have you walked in the field for as long as that? If you have, or if you know anyone else who has, would you/they be prepared to fill out the attached evidence form? It includes a map on which your route through the Glebe must be marked. 

If you are able to help and would prefer a paper copy, Rachel can drop one off to you (or please request a copy from Teresa, the Parish Clerk). In terms of returning the completed forms, if it is a paper copy, again, Rachel can come and collect it or it can be dropped through the door of The Old Rectory in Church Road. Thank you so much for your help with this. If we can get the access routes into the Glebe reinstated as a PROW, the Glebe's designation as Local Green Space in the Neighbourhood Plan can remain indefinitely so it will never be built on!

Please click on the link below for more information: