Local Parish Election - Thursday 2 May

As reported previously, following the review by the Boundary Commission, Otham Parish now consists of two Wards: Otham North and Otham South.

The Maidstone Borough Council Returning Officer has confirmed that – due to a lack of candidates - the persons whose names appear below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Otham South Ward of Otham Parish.

Valerie Moon, Mick Read and Alan Chard

There are five candidates for four places on the North Ward and therefore it will be decided by election

The candidates are: Sally Christodoulou, Clint Hickmott, Kevin Hipkins Jenny Hollingsworth and Gary Butler.

You may already know the first four candidates as they all live in the village and have previously stood as Parish Councillors.

You will decide who becomes your Parish Councillors for Otham North at the election on Thursday 2 May.