Referendum Thursday 8th July 2021

Following public engagement and 5 years of drafting by the Parish Council, our Neighbourhood Plan has now reached the referendum stage.

All eligible residents of Otham Parish are entitled and encouraged to vote.

A "yes" vote should see the plan adopted by Maidstone Borough Council. It will then be used with their other planning documents to decide planning applications in Otham until 2035. It reflects the views of residents made during the engagement process.

A "no" vote means that Maidstone Borough Council will continue to make housing allocations and decisions for Otham based on the Maidstone Local Plan, as they do now.

You will receive a poll card and details from Maidstone Borough Council. Please visit your local polling station on Thursday 8th July 2021 and cast your vote or return your postal ballot.

The Parish Council would like to see a good turn out on referendum day!