Report ALL road traffic incidents to the Police

By reporting all incidents that you have been involved with, you are providing vital evidence to support the problems on the highway that are being experienced in the parish. This data is used by the police and Kent Highways

If you've been involved in a road traffic incident, or think you might have witnessed an offence on the roads, find out how to report it using the simple process online tool on the Kent Police website: Report a road traffic incident | Kent Police

Just answer the quick questions and they will give you the right advice and gather all of the relevant details. Alternatively, call 101 to report a non-urgent incident. All serious crimes must be reported by calling 999.

Your report will be assessed and you'll only be contacted if something further is needed from you, like a witness statement.

If you report a collision without an injury and or any allegation of bad driving, you're unlikely to be contacted again by the police.

If you have made an allegation, then your report will be assessed by the police and either:

  • the allegation will not be pursued (though it may be used for intel purposes) and the reporter won't be contacted
  • action will be taken and a Notice of Intended Prosecution issued to the alleged perpetrator (which will happen without the reporting person being contacted); or
  • only in the unlikely event of the matter going to court will the reporting person need to be contacted